Sexual assault and abuse

Sexual Assault and Abuse Cases

Sexual assault and abuse cases are extraordinarily sensitive cases that cry out for civil justice to be done.  The victim often sustains deep emotional injury that lingers long after the physical trauma.  In addition to the actual perpetrators of these crimes, claims can be brought against those responsible for the safety of the victim such as schools, hospitals, medical facilities or day care centers.  Claims can also be brought against those who negligently enabled the crime in some way such as liquor servers, bar and nightclub operators, the perpetrator’s employer, the owner of the premises where the incident occurred, or against religious organizations and clergy who protect known sexual predators.

Boston, Massachusetts and Rhode Island injury lawyer Jonathan D. Sweet, Esq. understands the delicate nature of these types of injuries and claims and the issues of confidentiality that arise.  Attorney Sweet has handled extremely sensitive claims for both minor and adult victims of sexual and physical assault and achieved successful results that have helped bring them some peace and closure.  For more information about your potential case, contact Attorney Sweet anytime, day or night, seven days a week.  There is never a charge for an initial consultation.