Public Transportation & Train Accidents

Public Transportation & Train Injuries

Public transportation and train accidents involve locomotives, freight trains, commuter rail trains, subway trolley cars and buses. Train accidents usually happen at crossings or intersections where the safety equipment fails or at unprotected crossings where there are no lights or signals to indicate an oncoming train to pedestrians or passenger vehicles. Trains can also derail due to improper track maintenance or mechanical failure. Train operator error is often a contributing factor as well in on-track collisions, whether it is a failure to yield, driver fatigue, excessive speed or failure to heed warning signals. Trolley and bus accidents usually result from poor maintenance and driver error as recently headlined by a rash of “driving while texting” incidents that have stoked commuter outrage in the Boston area.

Commuters and pedestrians have the right to expect safe public transportation systems. Because these claims usually involve governmental and quasi-governmental entities like the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) or other regional transportation authorities, it is critical to contact an experienced attorney immediately to conduct an independent investigation into the cause of an accident.

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