Pharmaceutical drug liability

Pharmaceutical Drug Liability

Pharmaceutical drug liability involves claims against the manufacturers of dangerous medications that cause adverse and even fatal reactions.  Adverse drug reactions are one of the leading causes of death in the United States.  In non-fatal cases, adverse drug reactions can cause permanent disabilities and personal injuries.  Many of these injuries and deaths are avoidable.  The problem occurs when pharmaceutical companies do not disclose, or sometimes conceal or falsify, their research about the side effects of their products.  The problem is compounded when the Food & Drug Administration fails to conduct enough independent research or testing into a drug’s safety and relies too heavily on the pharmaceutical industry’s own research and testing.  The FDA is also usually slow to respond to a defective drug on the market and does so only after the dangerous medication adversely affects hundreds or even thousands of people.  While the FDA needs to take a more proactive approach to aggressively protect the public and keep dangerous medications off the market beforehand, the pharmaceutical companies are ultimately to blame.

The following medications have been linked to serious injuries and even death in some patients: Accutane, Advair Avandia, Baycol, Botox, Byetta, Celebrex/Bextra, Chantix, DES, Digitek, Eczema drugs, Fentanyl patch, Fen Phen/Redux, Foradil, Fosomax, Gadolinium, Heparin, Hydroxycut, Ketek, Levaquin, NuvaRing, Ortho-Evra, Paxil, Raptiva, Reglan, Rezulin, Serevent, Spiriva HandiHaler, Stadol, Stamina-Rx, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome related drugs, Trasylol, Vioxx, Yasmin/Yaz, Zicam and Zithromax.

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