Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Injuries

Motor vehicle accident claims arise when someone is seriously injured or killed as a result of the negligent operation of a motor vehicle.  These claims involve most types of motor vehicles such as automobiles, motorcycles, vans, SUVs, pick-up trucks and ATVs.  Motor vehicle accidents usually involve a violation of the rules of the road established by state and federal safety laws and regulations. Typical causes of accidents are excessive speed, failure to maintain safe distances, failure to yield the right way, crossing the median, failure to stop for pedestrians, negligent maintenance of the vehicle and operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Motor vehicle accidents comprise one of the largest categories of personal injury claims due to the high volume and concentration of motor vehicle traffic in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

It is important to retain experienced legal counsel early on to help navigate the complexities and pitfalls of motor vehicle insurance law and to fight the oftentimes unfair settlement practices of automobile insurers.  Massachusetts and Rhode Island injury lawyer Jonathan D. Sweet, Esq. has handled several dozen major motor vehicle claims.  He approaches each one, no matter its size, with skill and tenacity that has served his clients well over the years. For more information about your potential motor vehicle case, Attorney Sweet can be contacted anytime.  There is never a charge for an initial consultation.