Day care abuse and neglect

Day Care Abuse and Neglect

Day care abuse and neglect cases involve toddlers and young children who suffer bodily injury and emotional trauma as a result of physical abuse or the harsh consequences of neglect.  These cases strike a delicate chord because they involve defenseless children and because many parents rely on day care services in their busy lives.  Day care abuse and neglect can cause long-term emotional and trust problems with the child victims.  Examples of day care abuse include physical trauma inflicted by staff or other kids, psychological trauma including threats of violence, the use of unwarranted restraints and repeated verbal abuse.  Child neglect in day care settings can include prolonged time outs and excessive isolation.

Unfortunately, day care operators sometimes try to cover up instances of abuse or neglect by blaming an incident on the child or by readily accepting a staff member’s version of what happened.  In some situations, the day care center will even try to create a paper trail to absolve itself of responsibility.  If you suspect that a child has been subjected to abuse or neglect, a skilled attorney will be needed to hold the day care center accountable.

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