Construction Site Accidents

Construction Site Injuries

Construction site injuries happen on all types of residential, commercial and industrial construction site projects.  Because construction sites are inherently dangerous places, many different types of federal and state safety regulations have been created to protect workers.  Severe injury and even death can occur in scaffolding and staging collapses, wall and roof collapses, falls through unprotected floor openings, crane and aerial lift overturns, dropped loads, job site electrocutions, and elevator shaft falls.  While the no-fault worker’s compensation system covers “first-party” claims against the employer, construction accidents can also give rise to “third-party” claims against negligent third-parties such as general contractors, construction managers, safety officers, architects, engineers, sub-contractors, or the manufacturers of defective or hazardous equipment and materials used on a job site.  In construction accident cases it is critical to retain experienced legal counsel familiar with the detailed OSHA regulations and other safety standards.

Massachusetts and Rhode Island injury lawyer Jonathan D. Sweet, Esq. has successfully handled many construction injury cases and collaborated with workers’ compensation counsel to maximize the total recovery to the injured worker.  Attorney Sweet can be contacted anytime and there is never a charge for an initial consultation.