Boating Accidents

Boating Injuries

Boating accident cases usually implicate the specialized rules of maritime law that apply where people are injured or killed while on inland waters, coastal waters, off-shore waters or on international waters.  Recreational boating accidents generally involve sailboats, motorboats, yachts, cruise boats, fishing boats, lobster boats, jet-skis and even flat-bottom zodiak skiffs.  Commercial boating accidents usually involve larger vessels like tugboats, ferries, tankers, cargo container boats and larger fishing boats.  The most common accidents involve vessel-to-vessel collisions, ground collisions, propeller injuries, failure to maintain and secure equipment, failure to follow safety practices and procedures, and failure to provide adequate safety and rescue equipment.  Depending on how and where an accident happens, boating accident claims can be subject to a complex patchwork of industry standards and customs, federal maritime laws and regulations, and sometimes even international treaties.  This area of law also covers seamen and fishermen injured on commercial vessels who are entitled to benefits under a federal statute known as the Jones Act.

It takes a skilled and aggressive trial attorney to help navigate a water-based personal injury claim and ensure that justice is done for the accident victim.  Massachusetts and Rhode Island injury lawyer Jonathan D. Sweet, Esq. has the experience to deliver successful results to boating and watercraft accident victims.  For more information about your potential boating injury case, contact Attorney Sweet anytime.  There is never a charge for an initial consultation.