Aviation Accidents

Aviation Injuries

Aviation accident cases arise out airplane or helicopter accidents that cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries to passengers, pilots, crew and even ground-based workers.  Responsible parties can include the pilot, the airline or air carrier, the aircraft’s manufacturer, the aircraft’s maintenance company, the airport operator, or even the Federal Aviation Administration or other entities providing aviation-related services.  The most common causes of both commercial and general aviation accidents include pilot error, mechanical failure, air frame defects, metal fatigue, electrical system malfunction, tainted fuel, hydraulic failure, navigational error, substandard maintenance, and crew fatigue.

Aviation accidents are some of the most complex types of cases due to the incredibly technical engineering and accident reconstruction issues involved.  These claims are subject to various state and federal aviation regulations as well as industry standards and customs.  It is therefore extremely important to engage sophisticated trial attorneys with the skill, experience and resources needed to handle such claims and to coordinate with the National Transportation Safety Board during its investigation.  The insurers of the big airline companies and manufacturers always hit the ground running after an aviation accident and so should you.

It takes a skilled and aggressive trial attorney to help aviation accident victims and ensure that justice is done.  Massachusetts and Rhode Island injury lawyer Jonathan D. Sweet, Esq. has the experience to deliver successful results to aviation accident victims.  For more information about your potential airplane injury case, contact Attorney Sweet anytime.  There is never a charge for an initial consultation.